Do you love your hair? Do you love the way it feels on your head and the way others look at you with a hint of jealousy? If you do than you should take really good care of it. You should make some hair masks, comb it regularly and be sure to do everything the hair needs to stay as gorgeous as it is.

You probably don’t know, but there are several foods that can help your hair grow healthy and strong. Hair’s main ingredient is keratin, so there are no surprises that eating foods rich on keratin will make your hair look more beautiful. Most of the products that contain a lot of keratin are probably already in your diet, but if they are not, here are some foods that might be essential to your hair’s health.


Proteins are the most important biomolecules in your body. They are the cornerstone on which your body is build. Your hair is also mostly protein based and eating foods rich in protein will definitely help it get strong and radiant. You should eat at least 2 egg whites a day. You shouldn’t eat as much yoke as you eat eggs though. For every 5 egg whites you consume you can eat one yoke.

Be careful with the yoke rule and take it very seriously. Otherwise you might end up with a skin rash if you are lucky. If you are not you may enforce a permanent allergy towards eggs.


Your whole body is essentially water, so don’t be surprised to hear this. If you don’t drink water regularly you should start right away. Pour a glass of water right now before you continue reading. Take a sip. Do you feel the refreshing sensation that overwhelms your body? This is the magic of the water. Your body is very much water based and dehydrating is never a good thing. Don’t be fooled, not all liquid is hydrating your body. On the contrary! Most of your favorite beverages are actually dehydrating you. So whenever you drink coffee, beer or anything other than water, you should compensate with an additional glass of water.

Water will help all the nutrients, consumed with the food to be transported quicker through your body. This will help your hair get the protein and keratin in needs to grow splendid and radiant.


Do you like fish? Well you should. It’s the healthiest animal you can consume. It has many nutrients and almost all diets include it, as in several kinds of fishes there are much needed ingredients for your organism to work properly.

Aside from that some deep water fishes like Salmon are rich on Omega-3 fatty acids, which will make your scalp less flaky, and will strengthen your hair. As a plus you will find a great deal of Vitamin B in salmon, which is essential for your hairs health.

Include those three products in your weekly diet, and use them as often as you can. Thanks to them not only your hair, but your body as a whole will be stronger and healthier. You will look younger and you will feel as such.

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