Your hair is the most noticeable part of your body. It can be seen from the front and from the back. It usually has no cloths to cover it, and as much as you like to think that people notice your eyes first, that’s just not true. They notice your hair. This is why you should take great care for it and never leave it out of your beauty routine. It doesn’t take a lot of your time and it’s fairly easy to take care of.

You can buy expensive hair care products from famous labels, but in the end the best way to take care of your hair is with a homemade mask. There is a really easy one that I like very much. It is great both for your hair and for the scalp and you will look younger and more confident if you use it.

The basis of this mask is eggs. They are packed with vitamins, iron and most importantly protein. Eggs have the highest quantity of proteins compared to any other food. So there is no wonder why they are so popular among people trying to lose weight. Protein is one of the basic bricks of life and naturally when your intake of protein increases your skin and hair will react positively. Proteins will nourish hair roots and will promote hair growth.

Eggs contain also fatty acids. It is well-known that fatty acids are great for your skin, but only a few people know that they will give your hair a natural shine. Potassium on the other hand is going to heal all your dry hairs and work as a damage control on your head. Vitamins D will prevent hair loss and balding as Vitamin B12 will promote hair growth. The Calcium inside of the egg is like a catalyst. It helps the body to absorb the vitamin D and promotes growth.

The recipe is quite easy. First and foremost you will need eggs. Now, usually one egg is enough for this mask, but if you have especially long or thick hair (kudos on that), you should use 2. If you have oily hair use only the egg whites for this recipe, and use only the yokes for dry hair. If you have normal hair – use the whole egg. Put whichever part of the egg you use in a bowl and beat it. Add some olive oil and milk while mixing. Put some fresh lemon juice in the compound and continue mixing it. Congrats, your hair mask is ready. Time to apply it.

Take some of the mixture on your fingertips and start massaging your scalp with it. Gently stroke your hair with your hands form the roots to the hair ends and let it work its magic for about 15 minutes. Take in consideration that the mask is very drippy and it most probably will drop from your hair.

After 15 minutes clean your hair with lukewarm water. Make sure you have cleaned all the mixture off your hair. In the end take a shower using an organic shampoo for final cleansing.

Use this mask one or two times a week and you will see the great effect after the first couple of treatments. Enjoy!



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