About me

Hello internet. I’m Nicky and this is my site dedicated to natural beauty, natural skin care, and organic and homemade beauty products. Currently I’m a biology student and I have vast knowledge of products properties that can benefit your body.

My goal is to make the world a more natural place, where people use only what mother earth has provided to enhance their natural beauty. Everything natural is harmless to your body, unlike many artificial ingredients. There are many expansive makeup products that are using chemicals to do something that the nature can give you for free.

Artificial ingredients may cause severe inflammations, rashes, and other unwanted side effects. There are products that are supposed to help you, but one little mistake from the chemist in the factory may leave you bold, in rashes, with itchy skin or even worst. Those kinds of effects are impossible with natural care products.

In my website I’ll give you recipes for different skin care products that will help you look radiant and gorgeous. You will find helpful tips and many reviews on natural body care products. You may also find suggestions for different uses of many household items you’ve never thought about earlier.

In the Shop you will find Natural care products that are 100% organic. If you don’t want to make your own products through my recipes, you may buy the ready products.

Hope you take the best of my website and use my tips to make your life a little more natural.